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Five wise men

There was a time that five wise men one day they got lost in the woods.

The first turn to the others and said: “I will go to the left – so my intuition tells.”

The second responds and said: “I will go to the right – no wonder it is considered that the” right “from the word” right’s “.

The third said: “I will go back – we came out of there, so I will get out of the woods the same way.”

The fourth said, “I’ll go ahead – we must move on, the forest will certainly be over, and open to something new.”

The fifth said, “You’re all wrong. There is a better way. Wait for me”. He looked around and found the tallest tree and climbed up on it. As he climbed the tree, the rest dispersed, each to their own way. Above, he saw where to go to quickly get out of the woods. Now he could even see, which way to reach the edge of the forest. He climbed higher and was able to see the shortest path out of the forest. He was able to solve the problem and reach the desire result better, quicker than anyone else! He knew that he did the right thing, and better than the other. They stubbornness, prevented from listening and do their own thing. He felt to be the wise men of them all!

But that is not necessarily correct, as all were right.

The first, who went to the left, went into the thickest part of the forest. He had to starve and fight with wild beasts. But he had learned to survive in the forest and he learned how to survive in the forest and could teach to others.

The second, who went to the right, came across a number of robbers. They took everything he had and looted him. But after a while he gradually cultured the robbers about the humanity, compassion and repentance. Later some of them change so much that after he passed away, they became mentors to others and teach others to be the same.

The third, who went back, cut a paved path through the forest, which soon turned into a way for everyone to enjoy the forest, without the risk of getting lost.

The fourth, who went ahead and he later become a pioneer. He traveled to places where no men has been to, and opened new and wonderful opportunities for future population, amazing medicinal plants, and magnificent animals.

The fifth, who climbed the tree, became a specialist problem solver.

To which all who wish to find a resolution to solve their problems – even if it does not lead to new ideas or concept.So all five mentors have fulfilled their ambition, rising above their speciality and master their skills, acceptance that we are all unique with diverse ideas to reach our goals, recognize that we all are experts in some speciality, and to respect one another for our own worth and experience.

To be able to look beyond the final edge, and there is always a sequel to any story.


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