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Family affairs

Dear friends!

The weekends has been traditionally a time for yourself and for one to do things around the house (home duties) and personal items to take care off. I am going to let you know about one of those situations the occurred to a person in Italy.

A man, one day over the weekend, in the province of Lazio, this husband decided to file a lawsuit against his wife due to her inability to cook a great meal and to be able to maintain the house clean and in proper order.

A 47 year old husband said at the time that for more than two years he suffered from the inability of his wife to cope wither household chores. The women felt that the accusation of her husband was cruelty to her and her family, and she was facing a sentence up to six years sentence if found guilty of her duties.

The accusations later were brought out that that wife kicked the husband out of the bed and was forced to live in below proper living condition and acceptance levels, also that items that was purchase by the husband, he found it in the garbage bin after she left the expire time and was no longer proper to be utilized. That the food she offered him was improper standards and inadequate to present to a husband.Ladies and gentlemen, this sound like a great soap story and I would like for your input and recommendation as well your point of views. Please share them with us.



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