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Amazon’s New Service

Listen to this, “Great news from Amazon”, from a company that has grown in the past decade to be one of the largest retail store in the world and is probably be overtaking Walmart in just a few years time.

Amazon is an online store outlet and you can find them in, and other similar website to a country region.Well ladies and gentlemen, Amazon are pioneering in a new service level and they are currently testing at some test locations for viability.

This service will not only will allow you to do you shopping online with your computer, table or smartphone, but they want to be able to do the delivery of your shopping within 30 minutes.

At first thought, that may sound a very difficult task to achieve, based on the road condition distance and the traffic situation in many part of the world.

So Amazon has come with a futuristic idea and that is to have your shopping to be delivered while using “drone” to perform the delivery.Well at this time there are some limits where high density large cities and distance from the warehouse where the drone can fly to your place and back.The first generation drone could carry a small load and a shorter distance, but as technology improved the second generation has a 30 pound (16 -20 Kg) capability and can cover a round trip of about 50 -60 Km or a radius of about 25 – 30 Km from the warehouse.First generation drone Second generation drone See this video above, explain it all …

LOL Watch out for those UFO’s to come in the future …


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