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Admiration and fear – such a fascinating effect, that this image produces on men and women. She feels at ease in a confrontation and risk. She is energetic, relentless and merciless, and her temper is such that inspires timidity. Her world: night, frightening shadows in the woods or in the urban jungle. On foreign soil, she does not lose any determination or tranquility. She seduces with her elegant coldness. Her favorite materials – leather, steel, fur – underscore her dangerous aura. Her message: caution – it’s better than fighting. Her sympathy is selective, and the deceitfulness always takes the form of a call. If you like this image …

You are jealous of her ability to handle her feelings? Or, like her, you find it hard to cope with aggression? This image invites to think about how you manage your emotions, know whether sometimes weaken control and to open themselves to other people.

Source: “Warrior” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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