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TheTraffic Jam’s Test

Life together this is not a honeymoon in Thailand, not the celebrations of the purchase of house and, certainly not endless Valentine’s Day.

Of course, these moments it also includes, but in trace amounts. A largely includes into couples life, for example, Thursdays.

And Tuesdays, Fridays and other days, which tomorrow will be hard to remember. That’s why your partner should be your friend.

To determine the true friendship, it is recommended “the traffic jam test.” Here’s how author explains the concept of it: “I like to stay up late with friends. But as yet it is time to leave, one of us bring up another to home. So, if I dream about traffic jams on the road – then I’m in the company of the true friend, and each second of communication is precious to me. ”

And your partner, the person with whom you hope to live all your life, must necessarily meet this criterion.

Source: “TheTraffic Jam’s Test” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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