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The Power of Smile

Once upon a time, a man while seeking to divorce with his wife, mentioning to her that she is “ugly”. Then she said to him: OK, Let’s do this. We are you going to take a walk around the city, and if any man will not turn his head to take a look at me, then and only then, we will break up. The men thought about it and agreed on the deal.

He was incredibly surprised to see that all the men that she encountered with turned around while pretending not to be is wife. Even the cars that drove pass slowed down to take a look at her.

As a result of the experiment, the family unity retain and survived. They grew up two wonderful children, and all was workout well. Later in life, on the 40th anniversary of wedding his wife confessed to her husband,

Honey, I showed my tongue to all the men that day.

Source: Dukascopy Community – Dukascopy Community


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