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The nature of irritation.

I often see in the street scene that puzzles me, that is, it does not give any room for imagination. Young mother is next to her son or daughter of five, six, eight years old. She yells at him (her) every second, pulling the arm, collar, sometimes hair. The child smiles tensely (to mom seems that cheeky), then make sad face, and then crying. He (she) clearly does not understand what causes her irritation. The main thing – she herself does not understand this, because the cause of irritation can be anything you want.But the relationship with the child is only one of the cases. Have you ever experiencing irritation? What, however, was the nature of this condition? The most correct explanation of this issue, given, in my view, by a wonderful philosopher Simon Soloveitchik: “If in the jungle on you met the Tiger, you may experience any feelings – from fear to deadly tide of courage – all that, but anything like irritation. Tigers do not irritate. They cause stress.

But if you come home from work tired, and a three-year boy plays with hollow drum non-stop, you experience irritation.

Stress – a negative reaction to what is stronger than we are.Irritation – a negative reaction to what is weaker than we are. That’s all. It is difficult to argue with. It is only strange that this simple argument not occurred to me until now.

Source: “The nature of irritation” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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