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Taming a Lion

It was in a tropical country. Daughter complained to her mother that she is in love with the guy for a long time, but he’s not answering her affection. And the mother said:- This is easily remedied. Bring me three hairs, but not normal, pluck them from the lion’s whiskers.

– What are you, Mom! – Frightened daughter.

– Go and try, you’re a woman; you should be able to do anything!

Daughter was sitting and thinking all the day, after slaughtered the ram, and with a piece of meat go into jungle. She was waiting in bushes. On the smell of mutton a lion came, and rushed to the girl. She threw him a meat and ran. The next day she came again, and again the lion rushed at her. She threw the meat, but do not run away, and watched him eating. This was the case for the third and fourth time. On the fifth day, when he saw her with meat, lion’s tail happily scored. And the woman began to feed him from her hands. So it was the next time. For the ninth time a lion eating a piece of lamb, put his head on her knees and dozed off blissfully, and she pulled three hairs from his mustache, and brought to her mother.

– Well, – said her mother – you tamed such a beast of prey as a lion. Now go to your boyfriend and tame him with trick or kindness or patience – how you can.

Source: Dukascopy Community – Dukascopy Community


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