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When communicating with a partner, you cannot resist the temptation to constantly look at your smartphone, and then your relationship is not all right.

In the subway, in a cafe, at the family table – everywhere you can see the following picture: one interviewee says something else, and that at the same time buried in his (her) smartphone. There is even a special name for this staging – phabbing.

The typical for our time a conflict becomes an occasion for countless jokes in social networks, ironically played out in a variety of commercials and demotivators. But to someone in such couple, it can hardly be funny. After all, at this moment, we feel ignored. Whatever it was, the next time during a conversation with a partner if you will be tempted to look at the phone, ask yourself what’s going on with me?

Think about it: maybe partner bothered you, or you’re angry at him? Do you have time to work on your relationship? Or, if so hopeless, it’s better to finish them? Or maybe you just automatically distracted by phone signals, and then it is necessary to trace it and consciously change the focus to those who close. After all, he needs you more than anyone else of your virtual friends.

Source: “Phabbing” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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