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Men in movies and in real life

“I love you”.

“You are dearer to me than the entire world.”

“I want to live all my life with you.”

In films and literature, the man uttered these words about 2-3 times per hour.

However, in real life, you can wait these revelations from them for years. Why are they, as a rule, are so afraid to admit their feelings to girlfriends?This restraint has its own explanation.

Fear. Many men are afraid that, having heard from them, “I love you”, the woman immediately take this as a different solution for permanent and undivided “owning” this man. And immediately require to get married (to have children, to give her full salary to share half of the domestic duties, etc.).

The absence of a positive example. How often the average man, born in the middle of the twentieth century, said to his wife or girlfriend sacred words, which we are so waiting and hungry for? Raised and educated in “stealth” atmosphere, a man will subconsciously follow the example of his father, that is, about their feelings prefer to stay silent “until recently”.

The sad experience of the past. Perhaps, once this man has to say “I love you” and feel happy for a while after this recognition, but then the relationship deteriorated, and in his memory were quarrels, showdown, and resentment. It is with all this begun to associate his love declarations and it is clear that he is trying not to repeat past mistakes.Well, what else? Will u open ur cards?

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