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Love to the Car

Personal car makes us aggressive and selfish.

And also it is harmful to the environment.

But we do not want to abandon it. Moreover, we have gentle and strong feelings to it, akin to love addiction. What happens to us?

Car owner in Moscow spends in traffic average of 127 hours per year – more than a resident of any other European capital.

So car is not vehicle in this case – apparently because, in most cases, the subway would be faster.

So for what we love our cars? The basic ideas…

Freedom. The car gives us a whole new dimension of possibilities that would have been inaccessible without it.

Control. Large and powerful machine is fully obedient to our power, and it creates a feeling of omnipotence.

Pleasure. The pleasure we get from driving a car have sexual nature.

Dear friends! And for what you love your car?

Source: “Love to the Car” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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