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Dear friends! In this quick note want to share with you some my experience of writing fairy-tales. You should not have a particular purpose or yearly torturing yourself with a question “What important I can write about?”.

One of the main ideas of writing faily-tales – creative freedom, no boundaries.

Although here, as in any other story, should be the introduction, for example, “Once upon a long time ago …” – it must be said about who is our main character, what he does and how he lives.Then gradually move to that with which he was confronted. In fairy-tale hero sure there is some problem, he is going through a crisis, a turning point takes place – agree that without this tale does not make much sense.

Then, the plot follows the climax – the highest point of action voltage, the most interesting in the whole story. Allowed different versions of the story: the hero can not cope with something from the first time and then try to take advantage of someone’s help or some magical object. There a lot of room for imagination.

Finally, there comes the denouement. You can use the classical formula “and they lived happily ever after” or leave the ending open, putting ellipsis, if you currently have a resource yet to move on and move on to new stories.

Brutti and Co

Source: Dukascopy Community – Dukascopy Community


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