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Anger and frustration – sign of close relations?

Is it possible to expect for something good from the anger and frustration that close people splash out on each other for any reason?

Yes, if we use it as a tool for the stimulation of the development of relations in the pair. When we start to date with someone, we try to behave as much good as possible, especially if the person attracts us a lot.

We refrain from certain actions that the partner may not like – for example, at weekend we do not roll off in front of the TV with the packaging of chips and not eat up our favorite spaghetti straight from the pan. But sooner or later the real “I” begins to get outside and something definitely annoying the partner.

A typical example

– Harry, pacing naked on Charlotte’s apartment, which, to put it mildly, causes confusion and then concern (TV series “Sex and the City”).

In a sense, Charlotte’s irritation is a sign that she and Harry are in real, deep relationship. The manifestation of your true” I “with all habits and eccentricities means that you relaxed and comfortable with each other. When you start to argue and “butt”, this means that you no longer feel the need to always say “right” thing, and this is evidence of sincerity and strength of your relationship.

Source: “Anger and frustration – sign of close relations?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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