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Androgynous style

Black and white.

A woman and a man. Yin and yang.

This image came from the archetype of the duality of opposites which not at war, but coexist.

Rare wise be able to determine which of the two began to prevail. It’s an endless game, fine balance. Her world: the austere of beauty. Here, everything is reduced to the main point: the color, the cut of clothes, accessories – no details to distract. However, rigor does not prevent frivolity and masculine – a delicate expression of femininity. Her message: I am trying to achieve harmony; I have created from the strength and weaknesses of light and shadow. To achieve unity, we must all recognize and accept it. And to find the balance point – to learn and to know the measure. Such is the price of inner peace. If you like this image of you …

Draws masculine strength or softness of the female? No matter how you answer, you may want to make sure to restore the balance of internal forces: one of them seems to be “not enough air.”

Source: “Androgynous style” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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