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14 ways to please a man

1. Kiss him before he leaves for work.

2. Gladly meet him after work.

3. Give birth to his child (as for me, the best gift).

4. Start a conversation on the phone with the words: “Yes, my love” or “Yes, darling”.

5. Make him compliments – who said that men do not like them?

6. Brew delicious and healthy herbal teas for him.

7. Highlight good qualities in your children and add – “As our dad.”

8. Help him to collect beautiful and comfortable clothes.

9. Increase the speed of home internet.

10. Give him opportunity to rest in silence and solitude after working.

11. Let him sleep in the morning, especially on weekends.

12. Make it a joke gift, for example, slippers with dollars.

13. Buy him vitamins and help him to take them in time.

14. Care of yourself, filled with energy, then to give it to your husband.


There are much more ways than listed, but only you know what your man loves. My goal – to inspire you to something, to please him and make it enjoyable!



Source: Dukascopy Community – Dukascopy Community


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