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The principle of contrast.

If we raise the tennis ball, and then an iron dumbbell, then the weight will seem to us to be more severe than in the case, if we raised dumbbell first. Another example of contrast principle – if you omit the right hand in a bucket of hot water, and left in a bucket of cold, and then both hands dipped in water of room temperature, then the right hand will perceive it as cool, and left as a hot despite the fact that both hands are in the same water.

This principle is widely used by sales masters. In the men’s clothing store buyer, who took an expensive suit will be ready to spend more money on accessories than the one who came only for accessories. The reason is that in comparison with the high price or value of the suit belt price does not seem significant. When the real estate slick realtor before show potential buyers a suitable home, leads them to look a few calls and utter pimped price. Seeing quality flat then, they evaluated its contrast is much higher than in the case if to show it first. Finally, the same principle is used in sales when the price tags on the cross out the old price and write a new one. At the same time the old price can be extremely overpriced, and the new – only acceptable, but comparing them, many customers buy discounted thing, it is quite likely would have found prohibitively expensive, if only one digit was specified on it.How can we use the principle of contrast? Simple advice can be formulated as follows: “to ask for more, settle for less.”

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How to become happier using cosmetics?

You will not believe: changing the usual colors of makeup, you really can change your life for the better!

Make-up – it’s not just a way to present yourself in a more attractive way. For women, a good make-up – it’s an opportunity to feel confident and courageous. And when you choose a color for the eye makeup and lips and manicure, you are able to strengthen the work of some of the chakras. By stimulating them, you can achieve not only the inner harmony, but also the implementation of own desires.

To become a leader, use red!

The red color corresponds to a chakra located in the coccyx area. It is responsible for the connection with the earth, for the vitality of the person. Red lipstick is a classic choice, but pay attention to the shade. For example, if you want to experience more stability, choose a red-brown tone. If you want to give yourself courage – the red-purple.


In order to be active, use orange!

Orange – the color of the chakra, located just below the navel. It is responsible for the creative realization and satisfaction of needs. Blocking occurs when a person feels guilty. This chakra – the center of your creativity and sexuality. You want to feel more boldly in dealing with men, to show your talents and creativity? Then add orange tone to the make-up.

For greater confidence try yellow!

The third chakra corresponds to the yellow color. This is the energy center of the body, is responsible for the power of our intentions. Blocking occurs when a person feels shame and disappointment. Be confident in yourself and your abilities, do not be afraid to express your opinions, bring the yellow notes in make-up. Choose the shade that surely will suit you – from light lemon to the sand. And try bright yellow make-up!

In order to better understanding of the others, use green!

The fourth chakra (heart area) is green. The heart chakra is associated with healing and compassion, so mixing the green color in your palette, you will feel loved and loving. You will be able to receive and give love. Blocking occurs when a person feels sorrow.

In order to find out the truth, wear blue!

The fifth chakra (throat) – blue color. Throat is responsible for the metabolism and communication with other people. Blocking occurs when a person chooses a lie. Blue make-up will help you better communicate with people: you can understand, if they tell you the truth or lying. The blue color in the make-up will strengthen your intuition.


In order to better understand yourself, wear dark blue!

Dark Blue Chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, the so-called “third eye”. It sets the body on contact with the subconscious. Blocking occurs when a person lives with illusions, does not understand what it is. Therefore, in the self-tuning, try to apply makeup in shades of blue. It is not only beautiful, but also useful for: enhancing the dark blue chakra will help you understand yourself faster.


The seventh chakra (top) corresponds to the purple color.

It is a center connected to the cosmic energy. Blocking occurs when a person has a strong affection and earth faults. Feel the spiritual freedom, to understand why you came into this world, and not so sharply perceive everyday troubles and everyday difficulties will help purple make up. By the way, using purple shades, you can greatly improve your sleep, and even see prophetic dreams!


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#Astrologynails: Manicure for Virgo

Dear friends!

By hashtag #astrologynails in Instagram you can find unexpected ideas of nail art. Sale applications and templates that allow applying a particular zodiac symbol on the nail plate. And in Los Angeles and New York are open nail salons where every client before a visit to the master visit … astrologer! For 30 minutes astrologer consulting visitors on their “color scope” – a palette of shades of lacquer coatings that are appropriate for her month of birth.There is a general plan advice (suspended, all Lions recommended bronze-gold gamma), and there is a manicure with a favorable combination of colors for a particular day of the week or an important occasion. At most, a manicure is to strengthen the spell of good fortune, to make life more harmonious, at least – to create a good mood. I was little surprised on what they say about manicure for Vigro… It turns out, that all the time, I intuitively choose the right color for myself.

I will share with you these recommendations for Vigro (recommendations for other signs you can find with google easily)

Manicure for Virgo

Basic scale: red

Additional colors: white, pink and white, blue, violet, purple, lime green, gray, anthracite

Nail polish Chanel, Rouge Flamboyant

Red manicure for Virgo – is not only a symbol of seduction, but also a sign of tenacious business acumen. Shades of the accompanying scale, especially pastel, able to turn down the excessive degree of perfectionism, mitigate the severity towards themselves and others.


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Be Awesome Today!

Everyone wants to be more beautiful. But it requires time and energy to look beautiful consistently every day and may not be possible to do best possible beauty boost. And then there are occasions we certainly need to look beautiful. I do have certain best methods and tricks which works for me after many trial and error. I am sharing that below. I may do all at once if occasion is big or just do just one or two procedures depending on occasion and time available. And you can do the same.

1. Hair

Just a couple of days before D-day I start to rinse my hair with tea brewing – conventional black tea. This measure adds splendor to my hairstyle. After rinsing and drying my hair, I apply nutritional hair oil such as burdock, sunflower oil or grape seed oil. And leave oil on hair for few hours or overnight and wash it with good shampoo. It gives my hair lustrous shine.

2. Face

For face I require toning. I make a mask of egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Then I saturate a cloth with this mixture and apply on face. Then I let it work for 15 minutes while I take rest while lying on my back. While vitamins are absorbed into the skin, rest works on me to gain strength before the event. Then I rinse the mask with a cotton swab moistened with warm water. To make my eyes sparkled; I close my eyes and apply pieces of ice for 30 seconds on eyes. I do it 3-4 times.To get rid of dark circles under the eyes I use a concealer or foundation. And try to get beauty sleep at night before an important event!

3. Body

To make the skin of body soft and velvety, I add 2 tablespoons of potato starch and olive oil in water while taking shower. Maximum time for shower for me is 15-20 minutes in this water and then I do not wipe, and blot my skin with a soft towel and allow drying myself at soothing temperature. For me such bath even gives me relaxed look before the event while making my skin softer.

4. Arms and legs

If I do not have time to make a professional manicure and pedicure, I make a five-minute baths for hands and feet (by adding 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of citric acid per liter of water), and at night I apply moisturizing cream on legs and arms.

5. Relaxed look: most importantI try not to panic in anticipation of the event. And try to be relaxed before and during the event. If I have at least a day before the event, I do what is best for me to add glamour to my individual style. Also a bit of shiny eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss will adds the finishing touches to my ideal image and off course my confidence on D-day. Maybe you can try what works for me. Good luck.

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Ange at the Roof

Dear friends!

Have you ever observe the life of a large city from the roof of high-rise buildings?

Or from the roof of one of the most romantic high-rise buildings?

Then you certainly will agree with me, that indescribable feeling of freedom, overwhelming beauty of the scenery from the roof.

As a child, I loved cartoon about Carlson, who lived on the roof and secretly wanted to repeat his experience, a long periods of time sitting up on the windowsill in the evening, but it was only the fifth floor. One day, I was dreaming aloud with good friends, and one of my friends suddenly asks: – Katya, do you want to climb at the most beautiful roof of the Kharkov?

– Of course I do! But how? When?

– Why not tomorrow evening? Weather should be nice!

One of the most romantic in Kharkov, as it turns out, is the roof of the house with a spire located in the heart of the city. The building is pretty unusual, alluring with its mystery, built in the style of Stalin’s empire.

It should be noted that the uniqueness of this architectural style is a combination of seemingly be combined with each other elements of Baroque, Empire Napoleonic era, the late classicism and art deco, in an incredible mixture of luxury, pomp, grandeur and monumentality. I always get goose bumps when I passed by this house. Although it was built in 1950, but the vibe of the building is clearly medieval. Maybe because of the history that has created such an aura, at the time, the building had a different informal name “The Book World”, the same as the bookstore, which in 1950-1990 located on the first two floors of the house.

The next day I ran out with eager and anticipation of the evening. Here I must make a digression, and say that in the spring and summers my usual dress up in a dress and Low heel shoes. So while leaving the university, I call and asked a friend that I was in a dress and heels, if this would be appropriate to go to the roof or would I have to go home and change clothes?

Since, he had been up at this roof before multiple times (he is roof worker), so he said that it is normal. I comforted myself with the thought that this is the city center, and a roof certainly well maintained.

My other question was, should I go and buy a pizza on my way there and after all I have not had a meal since dinner. No, just go there as they close at eight in the evening, locked doors and the attic would be closed too and I would be able to go up on the roof. We can always buy a snack on the way home, but the main thing, is to get up on the roof.

From that moment I enter the most interesting, that I notice was the dilapidated wooden staircase leading to the attic, filled with pigeon’s droppings, to step on it and not to stumble, I had to change my shoes, and the bag was handed over to friend, who had been before.

Please, believe me, you can’t remove all this mess with only a few wet wipes. When I climbed on to the roof, wooden ladder fell off, a sense of a long life. How much I regret that I did not bring the rope, elbow pads, gloves, I got a couple of splinters, plus and a warm jacket: rooftop turned cold and windy. So hungry, stained in pigeon poop, barefoot, angry at myself, of course, who are you, and reminding myself, do not tell me about all these “virtues” of the roof tops? Oh, these men’s must be from Mars! But still up on the roof. ..

As my eyes scanned around at the beauty and scenery of the city, all that anger melted away instantly! I wanted to gain wings and soar on this magical evening city, dive into the clouds of sunset and love every moment of all its beauty!

at the roof

Further ahead was yet another unconquered roof top, and, in fact, a staircase leading upstairs to the cupola with a spire. At this point I felt like a participant of the program Fort Bayar: my hands barely reach short of the upper hedge of the ladder, where it was necessary to put a foot! My friend has already impatiently shouted from above: come on, come up here. It is easy to say and very hard to do it. Mentally thanked my teacher of physical education and bars. Climbed! Thanks to my guardian angel. The rise – not the descent, it was thought at the time to go up, that to go down will be easier! Nothing like this has happened to me. But what were memories, the view, the beautiful scenery from the roof, but not the roof or the roof itself, as you have understood already in terrible conditions for my blog!


It was worth it!

Since then I have visited many roofs of Kharkov, but this has never been such extreme experience to me! House with a spire – an unforgettable and memorable adventure!


Дом со шпилем



Дорогие друзья!

Приходилось ли вам наблюдать за жизнью большого города с крыши многоэтажки?

А с крыши одной из самых романтичных многоэтажек города?

Тогда вы наверняка поймете меня, и то чувство неописуемой свободы, всепоглощающей красоты, которое пробуждает поход на крышу.

Будучи ребенком, я очень любила мультфильм о Карлсоне, который жил на крыше и втайне мечтала повторить его опыт, подолгу засиживаясь на подоконнике вечерами, но это был всего лишь пятый этаж. И вот, однажды, я размечталась вслух в хорошей компании…. А один из моих друзей неожиданно так говорит: – Катя, а хочешь залезем на самую красивую крышу Харькова?

– Конечно хочу, еще как! А когда?

– Хоть бы и завтра вечером! Дождя не обещают.

Одной из самых романтичных в нашем городе, как оказалось, является крыша Дома со Шпилем, расположенного в самом сердце города. Здание довольно таки необычное, манящее своей таинственностью, построено в стиле сталинского ампира.

Следует отметить, что уникальность этого архитектурного стиля заключается в сочетании, казалось бы, не сочетаемых между собой элементов барокко, ампира эпохи Наполеона, позднего классицизма и ар-деко, в невероятном смешении роскоши, помпезности, монументальности и величественности. У меня всегда мурашки по коже пробегали, когда я проходила мимо этого дома. Хотя он и был построен в 1950 году, но флюиды у здания явно средневековые. Может, из-за книг у него образовалась такая аура. В свое время здание имело еще одно неофициальное название – это «Книжный мир», по одноименному магазину, который в 1950-1990 годы занимал два первых этажа дома.

Весь следующий день пробежал в нетерпеливом ожидании вечера. Здесь следует сделать лирическое отступление, и сказать, что весной-летом мой привычный дресс-код это платья и туфли на невысоком каблуке. Так вот, выходя из университета, набираю друга и спрашиваю: так и так, я в платье и на каблуках, это нормально для этой крыши или надо домой заехать переодеться?

Он уже на крыше бывал, причем неоднократно (он руфер), ответил, что нормально. Я же успокоила себя тем, что это центр города, и крыша наверняка ухоженная…

Задаю вопрос номер два: может пиццу зайти взять (все-таки не кушала с обеда). – Нет, бегом сюда, они в восемь вечера подъезд и чердак закрывают, и никак уже не попадем уже наверх. Потом если что спустимся и купим, главное попасть на крышу.

В общем, с этого момента начинается все самое интересное в виде полуразвалившейся деревянной лестницы, ведущей на чердак, щедро удобренной голубиным пометом. Чтобы взобраться по ней и не оступиться мне пришлось засунуть туфли в сумку, а сумка передавалась другу, который полез первым. Десятью влажными салфетками после такого восхождения не отмоешься. И вот, когда я таки вылезла на крышу, деревянная лесенка приказала долго жить и отвалилась. Как же я жалела, что не взяла с собой веревку, а еще лучше канат, и налокотники, плюс перчатки (пару заноз я таки загнала) и теплую кофту: на крыше оказалось прохладно и ветренно.  Итак, голодная, испачканная в голубиных какашках, босоногая, злая, естественно (что же ты, МУ…., не сказал мне о всех этих “прелестях” крыши? Ах, эти МУжчины с Марса!), но таки на крыше…

Стоило мне осмотреться вокруг, как вся моя злость мгновенно растаяла! Захотелось обрести крылья и воспарить над этим волшебным вечерним городом, нырнуть в облака заката. Не тут-то было!

Впереди ждала еще одна непокоренная вершина, а, собственно, лестница, ведущая наверх, в саму башенку со шпилем. На этом этапе я ощутила себя участницей программы Форт Буаяр: мои руки еле дотягивались до верхней перекладины лестницы, куда нужно было ставить ногу! Друг уже нетерпеливо кричал сверху: давай, лезь сюда. Легко сказать, и совсем нелегко подтянуться. Мысленно поблагодарила свою учительницу физкультуры и брусья. Залезла! Поблагодарила своего Ангела-хранителя. Подъем – не спуск, думалось тогда, что спускаться будет гораздо легче! Ничего подобного не произошло. Но зато, какие были отсняты фото (вид с крыши, но не сама крыша, сама крыша, как вы поняли уже в ужасном состоянии) для моего блога!

Оно того стоило!

С тех пор я посетила многие крыши Харькова, но это никогда не было настолько экстремально! Дом со шпилем – незабываемое приключение!



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Per que?

I had time, and I thought … we, girls, somehow always buy lingerie for our partners, for men.Today I have decided to review one of my favorite movies about changes and challenges, and I stopped video at the moment when Julia Roberts wanted to buy a blue penury, but never bought, and on the question of a friend, said: Per que? (For whom?) – For yourself! – Said a friend and me too. So I thought, usually my favorite female shopping – dresses, beautiful lingerie, lipstick – occur in those periods when I fall in love. On the one hand, it is understandable – the energy of inspiration and joy as edge switches that I want to bloom, to smell and to be even more beautiful. Only now that hinders us women enjoy themselves without reason, without being attached to the meeting with a man, even if not 24 hours a day, at least 7 days per week? Please yourself and be happy!

Do not spare money for yourself – this is nonsense! – We are women, it is our energy of prosperity colors all around and if we will not be beautiful, enchanting, then who will?There is nothing more beautiful than half-naked female body in beautiful lace underwear! And it’s worth it, even if you just went to the mirror to admire yourself.

And I insist that each girl reading this post at the nearest time go and buy dizzying underwear for herself!

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The Principle Of Cigarette

Today, in the park I saw how the girl asked for a cigarette of smoking man. And I thought that smokers are people who do not have problems with the “give”. And that’s why.Look, almost every smoker at least once in life borrows a cigarette from a stranger. Under borrowed I mean take for free. He (she) was never ashamed or embarrassed of he asks for a cigarette from a stranger. He just came up and politely asked him/her, and then take and thanked.I wondered. And now it’s your turn. Have you ever asked a stranger with a pack of biscuits, to treat you? Just like that, without any reasons, excuses and getting to know each other. The purpose for a purpose: asked the stranger to share cookies. I think, even convinced that not! If so, write in comments (!). Why not? After all, I am sure in your life were situations when you like eating something that eating a stranger nearby. Or, go ahead, ask a stranger to share something that he owns. No? Why not? It is not accepted? – Correct – It is not accepted.

I propose to break down stereotypes in your heads. I had a lot of situations where I had to ask people about what they could share with me without problems. And you know what? They did it willingly. Maybe I’m so lucky, not all generous and willing to share, but it means only one thing in this case, they are also not okay with Give-Take. Are you all okay with giving-take or are you on your way to ensure that everything is okay, and then you need to practice! And do not be afraid of the resistance that you meet on your way, bewilderment, surprise, or anything else. You are responsible only for your response, and the people around have a right to think and feel whatever they want, it’s their lives and choices. And this is not your business. Catches of the principle of cigarettes?