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Women makes men better?

Studies show that beloved women, as well as all female members of the family, including daughters, are able to make men more attentive and generous towards others. What is the secret of such a metamorphosis?Imagine that you are the executive director of a large company. Can you raise salaries to your employees without the business reasons? Can you rise salaried to your employees without the business reasons? Proven, that male leaders are reluctant to raise salaries to their employees after the birth of their children. But the birth of the first daughter melts your boss heart and most often led to an increase of salaries and bonuses.

Many men, who are actively involved in charity, recognize that they are doing it thanks to their wives. When Bill Gates was just beginning to build his empire, he rejected a proposal to establish a charitable foundation. He said he intends to wait at least fifteen years before beginning any assistance program, but abruptly changed his mind the next year. And three years later in the Fortune magazine, Mr. Gates appeared on the third place among the most active philanthropers of America. What was the reason for this metamorphosis? During these years, he married, and his first child was born. It was a girl. Gates himself openly admits that his two closest people – mother Mary and wife Melinda – were catalysts for the sharp turn in his interests. At the son’s wedding Mary made a speech. “Mainly it was a reminiscence of Voltaire, which said that a power implies an equally great responsibility: from the person to whom much is given, much is expected”.


Source: “Women makes men better?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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