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Wind of changes

Familiar fruits and vegetables originally looked not like on the shelves, because nature created them not to look as appetizing as possible in advertising. Standards of cucumber curvature, uniformity color of tomatoes and other aesthetics were invented by people. Apart from these, no one else cared.

Ancient breeders did not know how to construct the biochemistry of fruits and vegetables, but they noticed that if took seed from the biggest plant and most beautiful fruits, their descendants with a high probability will also be big and beautiful.

For example, the largest watermelon which you can buy 5000 years ago in Egypt (where it began to cultivate watermelons) in diameter reached only five centimeters. By the XVII century the efforts of breeders managed to increase watermelon ten times, but the contents were still problems. In the still life of the Italian painter of that era Giovanni Stanchi can be seen that most of the fruit takes white inedible rind and red flesh is distributed in six small sectors.Prehistoric peaches were more like yellow cherries: the berries have a diameter of about 2.5 cm, smooth skin and the inside of about a third consisted of bones. To the modern look peaches managed to bring over 6,000 years. The original design of tomatoes also, was far from perfect: the wild tomatoes growing in America, is more reminiscent of currants and were so miserable that it is unlikely to come under the sanctions. It is not known for what these small red berries liked by the Aztecs, but they grow tomatoes to a decent size – kind of cherry tomatoes. So, friends, do you see how much changed since than?

Source: “Wind of changes” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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