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Why so hard to love?

While we expect from a partner that he will decided our problems, fulfill desires, fill the inner emptiness and gives meaning to all of our lives, true love will remain for us … not available.

When the first love dies down and the relationship becomes more equal, many couples actually split. Many men and women believe that love truly – it means fully remain in the flow of passion. Pursuit of strong emotions is preferable to harmony, balance in relationships, the desire to get to know the inner world of your partner. Some even get an idea of love as a kind of drug dependence.

Internet feeds the thirst of continuous search. Every day thousands of new people join our site – boasts advertising of one of the most popular dating sites. – This means that there will always be a reason for a new meeting! The ability to quickly view, unlimited audition of candidates creates the illusion that we are bound to find something that was not possible, at this time. Internet Dating – part of modern life, and in a certain sense, they come to the rescue of modern man. On the other hand, they form consumer’s attitude to love: if we are in a supermarket, where there is a variety of partners and department …

Our communication becomes more intense, accelerated the process of dating. The number of potential contacts is growing, but at the same time they become more concise, ephemeral.

Source: “Why so hard to love?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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