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Which couple will survive?

To predict the future of relations is really difficult. But there are three features that allow to evaluate the strength of the couple: the time that two spend together, the frequency and strength of their conflicts.

Psychologist Brian Ogolsky described the 4 models based on these factors:

Partner-oriented partners spend a lot of time together and take care of each other. Such pairs are stable, conflicts are rare.

Socio-involved partners. Each of the partner have own social circle. While the two may have little in common, they are stable relationships: social connections offsets is what is missing in the couple.

The conflict partners centered the relationship around disputes. Such couples can be stable, if both partners are not dramatize disagreements and do not interrupt the communication.

Dramatic partners. Relationship between such people uneven, with ups and downs. Partners spend a little time together and could not find ways to resolve conflicts. Such pairs less stable.

Source: “Which couple will survive?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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