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What you can do for your woman?

Often amaze and please each other – says one of the rules of happy relationships.

And it often happens that for man is difficult to come up with something special and really nice for women. For such cases, I decided to make a list. So glad to introduce to you pile of ideas on the theme: How to please your bellowed woman.

Dear girls, you can send a link for this blog to your men. 😉

Thus, a portion number 1:

1. Make a marriage proposal.

2. Waking her up in the morning with a gentle whisper, “Good morning, darling,” and with the most delicious, personally prepared tea at her favorite cup (if still don’t have, buy and present it).

3. On the weekends cook light and beautiful breakfast while she was still asleep.

4. Decorate the house with flowers!

5. Ride on cars through the night city.

6. Conduct a joint photo shoot day, feeling the importance and necessity of each other.

7. Write her a love letter on paper and send it in an envelope.

8. Learn to be grateful for all that she does for you (for a delicious dinner, ironed shirt, etc.).

9. Plant a tree in her honor. Or a lot of trees – a forest!

10. Arrange a jazz evening for her.

All of these ideas can be implemented slowly, within a month. And then your woman definitely feels loved. Ideas for the new month search at my next blogs.

Source: “What you can do for your woman?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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