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What really makes us happy?

Today, a group of economists from the Anglo-Saxon countries and France, philosopher and economist Patrick Vivre struggling to hit the country’s well-being was measured by its citizens, rather than the production of weapons and building prisons.

Exploring what really makes people happy, they have come to an accurate conclusion: that everyday activities that are not related to the consumption and can be done without the material conditions that the economic crisis threatens.

1. Set the communication with other peopleInvest in human relationships – with your family members, with friends, colleagues, neighbors. These relationships will enrich your life, and will support you more and more every day.

2. Be active.

Walk a lot. Ride your bike. Play football. Dance. Find a way to get your body moving, which would you like and amuse you.

3. Focus on the present moment.

Be curious. Notice all the beautiful and unusual. Enjoy the moment that you live, whether it is breakfast with a friend or your road to work. Focus on your bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts. Notes that the most important things to you today.

4. Never stop learning. Try something new. Try singing, dancing, cooking or painting. Set yourself the high standard that we would like to overcome, and then overcome it.

5. Give yourself to others. Do something to help a friend or a stranger. Smile in the subway. Become a volunteer.Think of your future is inextricably linked to the future of others. When you help someone, it activates the deep areas of the brain responsible for pleasure.

Source: “What really makes us happy?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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