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What is your type of charisma?

Dear friends!

The word “charisma” comes from the Greek charisma ( “grace of God”).

We called charismatic those individuals who have the ability to attract and influence the views of others, not applying for this special effort, and often without realizing this effect.

Until a few years ago it was considered charismatic people of exceptional or the famous, but now the word has passed into the category of ordinary. We regularly say “he / she has charisma,” about people who managed to stand out and that we admire. From a psychoanalytic point of view, charisma – a quality that we have developed within themselves and which are caught by other people. Each of us has something that attracts and fascinates others. Some know how to seduce, others – to unite people, and others – to inspire … .

And what is your type of charisma, how do you think?

Source: “What is your type of charisma?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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