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Welcome home

Dogs and cats have own vision of the world and of your home too. Therefore, if you do not want to argue with pet of whose chair in front of the TV, you should prepare your apartment for appearance of pet in advance for.

Protect flowers.

Whom and from whom should be protected – not a simple question. Cats may chew your green spaces. On the other hand, if on the windowsill grows cacti, they can injure the animal. In any case, to help this you should buy a special terrarium for plants.

Cover furniture.

Coffee table legs will be subjected to merciless chewing or scratching. Wrap them thin twine, and it protects the furniture, and be able to work for scratching nails if you own a cat.

Divide space.

Wardrobe often becomes a stumbling block in relations with cats: they sleep in them, generously leaving fur on things. Well, let’s go make concessions: leave one shelf is empty, so the animal slept there.

Make a toy. Permanently captivate animal is easy: you can throw around the apartment headless carcasses of rats. Or take a box, cut a few holes in it and put the ball (slightly larger in diameter than the hole) inside. Your Barsik will go mad, trying to scratch out a toy!

Save the keyboard. If you don’t want such distraction as cat lying on your keyboard or making mess at your working table – put the box next to your workplace. The cat is likely to nestle in it, not on your table or laptop.


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