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Vitamin C and common cold

For more than half a century, mankind consumes shock doses of vitamins. But not yet become immortal. Also not decreased the number of handkerchiefs, which consumes annually during colds and flus.

At the end of 60’s name of Linus Pauling sounded louder than today names of Jobs and Gates. He was a world-renowned genius, the archangel of science, a prophet of the natural science disciplines. One of the founders of molecular biology, awarded in the 1954 with Nobel Prize in Chemistry, he has surrounded himself with the glory of the great humanist, fighting the spread of nuclear weapons and becoming one of the main initiators of signing the agreement on the prohibition of nuclear tests among the US, the USSR and Great Britain. For that he was awarded even the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.Fantastic wagon, chemist, physician, biologist, philosopher and politician – Pauling had also remarkable literary and oratorical talent. In general, the Superman of the laboratories still revered as the townsfolk and the scientific community. Unfortunately for his reputation, he lived a very long life – 94 years. And in 1966 he was only 65 years old – the most it can be said, flourishing. And it was in that year Pauling caught a cold. His doctor, Irving Stone, a scientist recommended to take three grams of ascorbic acid per day, because he thought that the weakened of illness body will not prevent an extra vitamin C. So the great scientist hooked on vitamin C. Immediately after the first dose, he felt better, and was already well in a few days. Then Pauling believed. Believed in the great healing power of vitamin C. It should be noted that when scientists believe, it is not good at all, the scientist must be a terrible skeptic. The very scientific method is built on the fact that any “two plus two equals four” needs proof. But the personal experience of genius, accustomed to the constancy of his innocence, has allowed him to make an unforgivable thing – to write and publish a work that does not withstand scientific scrutiny. It was called “Vitamin C and the common cold.” It Pauling strongly urged everybody to take every day one or two grams of ascorbic acid, so as not to catch a cold and generally feel good about themselves, and at the same time not neglect, and other vitamins. In the text Pauling admitted that he “does not understand the detailed mechanism of ascorbic acid on the resistance to the impact of cold,” but it does not matter, because he was deeply convinced of the correctness of recommendation.

Source: “Vitamin C and common cold” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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