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Trouble is a friend!

Dear friends!

Lately was read one funny article about Happiness according to Zodiac signs.

Need to admit that this is first time I am agree with horoscope 🙂 LOL

So, few words about what makes Virgo happy.

Virgo never asking the Universe for personal happiness. Not because they are modest, but because they know that the Universe itself – is a system bug where nothing works well!

After all, happiness – is when people understand you and nobody able to understand Virgo. The inner world of Virgo is so complex structure that grasp it is not given to anyone – well, apart from other Virgos, of course (who understand that there is nothing complicated, it’s very logical!).


One would think that the Virgo – the most unfortunate sign of the zodiac, but no: the Virgo do not know how to be unhappy (this is also system’s bug, just do not tell anyone).

What kills the other Zodiac signs, making fun for Virgo: cheers, a new problem!

You can take it apart into molecules, to consider and to collect back. Cool!Even if you are not a Virgo, try to think about problems like this and  your life will become HAPPIER!

Source: “Trouble is a friend!” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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