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Train your brain

Dear friends!

Scientists from the University of Virginia found that at age of 27 years interruptions starts to occur at the brain’s work and at 37 – the memory deteriorates significantly.

Further I didn’t read, fearing to lose precious time. This blog has collected most important you need for an emergency rescue of your brain, its maintenance and development.

1. Read more.

The more complex and unusual book will be the better. Sophisticated design, long, detailed proposals, rare words. You can also choose abstruse articles for reading.

2. Drummed on the table. Better yet, take a rule to accompany music: drum on knee, cover the table or the freshly bought tom-toms – it does not matter: with fingers or chopsticks. Neuroscientist Anerood Patel from San Diego said that the sense of rhythm plays an important role in learning. For it responses the basal ganglia – lobe of the brain involved in motor function.

3. Listen to classical music. Especially Mozart. In 1995, psychologist Frances Rauscher ruse lured into the room thirty rats. Two months there periodically sounded Sonata for Two Pianos in C major. After the experiment, it was found out that the animals are not only the best dance, but also to run a maze faster and with fewer errors than another group of rats lived two months in silence.

4. Train your memory. In London taxi drivers, for example, have increased hippocampus – part of the brain responsible for emotions and memory. If you are not a taxi driver, try to learn poems every day, during half an hour.

5. Play chess, checkers and poker. These games not only can make you richer, but also perfectly develop thinking. If you think that you play chess very well, try to play more and at a time to the decision it took less than a minute.

6. Write blogs.Telling people about interesting events, you will not only learn to articulate thoughts, but you will constantly think of new topics and caustic responses to the questions of devoted readers.

Source: “Train your brain” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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