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Thoughts about first love.

You can not take back what is gone, you can not rewind the experience back and say that it was not with you. You will not erase the memory of what you have seen, even if you close your eyes. All you can do is take the pain that you are experiencing, and wrap it in action. Your “battle wounds” will stay with you, but over time they will trun into barely noticeable scars, and you will not feel them.

After I broke up with my first love, I had other relationships. Of course, it was another love, more healthy. Nothing ever compared with the highest peaks and by the lowest depths which I experienced with first love. But I don’t want to feel it again. I should have to go through this to change. I think the greatness can be achieved only after we have experienced a complete defeat. How would we know what power is, without knowing what is weakness? Sometimes we need to rise above our worst moments, then to create our best moments of life. Do you remember your first love, friends? How it was?

Source: “Thoughts about first love” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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