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The new version of Maslow’s pyramid

Psychologists offered an updated version of the pyramid of human needs. Three higher needs today – is to attract a partner, a partner retention and education of children.According to the theory of American psychologist Abraham Maslow, a person may not experience a high level of demand until lower not satisfied.This hierarchy of needs is reflected in the form of a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid are physiological needs (hunger, thirst, sex drive), and then, in ascending order, needs for security, the need for love and belonging, the need for recognition, the need for self-actualization.

According to some experts, this model developed back in the 1940s, now is somewhat outdated and needs revision. Group of authors, brought together psychologists from the University of Arizona, University of Minnesota (USA) and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada), has offered its updated version, taking into account the latest advances and discoveries of neuroscience, developmental psychology and evolutionary psychology.Lower levels of the updated pyramid are similar to Maslow’s hierarchy (although the wording of needs have been adjusted), but underwent a radical reconstruction of the tip.

Three higher needs, according to the new pyramid, are: to attract a partner, a partner’s retention and education of children. Among all the major human aspirations from a biological point of view – those who contribute to the process of reproduction of our genes in the offspring.

That’s why care of children, we believe the paramount requirement. But what about the need for self-actualization, so important to Maslow? The authors believe that it is not independent from an evolutionary point of view. Rather, it can be regarded as a manifestation of the need for the conquest of the status, which, in turn, serves the purpose of attracting a partner, and then continue the race.The new model of the pyramid has caused mixed feelings among psychologists. However, speaking in justice, a classic Maslow’s hierarchy has always remained a matter of debate.

Source: “The new version of Maslow’s pyramid” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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