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The market of brides and grooms

At the market of brides and grooms there are hunting for great deals. For women this situation is more complex than for men. Primarily because men have more choice and experience – their presence at the market lasts much longer. In addition, both one and the other prevents the wealth of choice, people are lost. We sit in front of a TV with remote control and click, and in romantic relationships – “jump” from one partner to another. We no longer know what we want. We are committed to the ideal, so we have no desire to enter into a long term relationship.What are we looking for – maybe still love? Most women desire it: they need recognition, which they were deprived of for many years, excluded from active social life. Still they have less opportunity to build a career and achieve success in business. Therefore, many people continue to invest in a loving relationship and motherhood. This is especially true for women, who do not have a lot of money and jobs: they want to realize themselves in a marriage and feel like a failure if they do not succeed. Negative experiences in romantic relationships leads to the fact that they no longer respect themselves. Unfortunately, today it is difficult to succeed in a classic marriage: a woman looking for a stable relationship, but meets the men who do not want them to be included and to assume responsibilities.

The paradox of modern love is that there’s little participation, care and responsibility, but its importance for us – is enormous.

Source: “The market of brides and grooms” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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