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The magic of counterexample

– Where’s your grandmother live? – asked the Kid.

– In the house, where else?! And you suppose to think she lives on the street and jumping all night?

Use absurd assumptions! Simple reception counterexample is used to give an imaginary value to your replica and mix thoughts of interlocutor. When you are added to any sentence the words “and you thought,” “and you wanted to,” there is a subconscious feeling that he did something thought and wanted. If we add to this absurdity, man surely will have an underlying thought: “My God, did he really think that I think such nonsense?!” The man himself is not aware of it, wants to be justified and tend to forget the question he asked you. The more absurd is your assumption the better it works:

– Hi, what are you doing?

– I am working. And you think I’m here to dismember a young unicorn under the table?!

After this dialogue, person who asked you, somehow understand that you really work (even if you are at this moment in a bath with champagne). This way a counterexample accentuates your words and prevents doubts about their veracity.

Source: “The magic of counterexample” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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