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The dispute with the girl

1. Stay calm

For begin reconcile with the fact that the girls needed a quarrel. It sets out a showdown with the use of the vocal cords, she is usually not amuses herself with the thought to change something in your character, realizing that it is useless. But irritation accumulated and she wants to pour it out. Give her the opportunity. Get away to a safe distance and watch for the woman during the spiritual storm. In no case let her to provoke you for reciprocal aggression. Five minutes later, no one will remember because of what started the quarrel.

2. Be consistent.

When the girl speaks out, call her an encore. Politely ask what else she is unhappy about. For her, this question like a knife to the back – only one out of ten women is able to explain clearly what she would want from life and from you. Then, after a theater pause, say.Not so much important what you will say, the main thing you have to stand on your point of view to the end. For example, if you’re with an extended forward chin and glassy eyes for an hour going to say: “I will never marry, until earn my first million,” she decides that this is not a personal insult, and your position in life. In this case, she thrusts her naive dreams about wedding into the subconscious, and you were left alone. At least for a month or two.

Source: “The dispute with the girl” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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