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The changes – always for the better.

Everyone wants something to happen, and everyone is afraid, as if something did not happen – this phrase of the poet and musician Bulat Okudzhava is the best characterized our attitude to changes. In everyone’s life sometimes occur events that change all the things to which we are so accustomed to, and after which life can no longer be the same.

Feeling the fear of life’s changes – it is normal, but to oppose them – not the best idea, because people are getting only those tests, which can cope with.Today, I suggest you to watch a movie that proves that the changes – always for the better.

The film “Larry Crowne” was completely created by Tom Hanks: he acted as director, screenwriter and producer. He played the main role in the film, making a couple with Julia Roberts. Hero of the Hanks – successful manager in the company, which is fired, because he has not received higher education. In utter confusion, he still decided to start over and go to college, where he meets the heroine of Julia Roberts, who played his teacher.

This film proves that a new start is possible at any age, the main thing – the desire to make it.

Source: “The changes – always for the better” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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