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Tax on loyalty

Many of you have a favorite website for booking tickets, hotels, rental cars: a familiar interface, the location of the desired buttons, color solutions. Comfortable? Yes. But treacherously: they closely watching your preference – and monetize.The more often you come to the site, such as flight aggregator, and the more you look at the specific direction of the tickets, the more obvious to the service that you have serious intentions to visit this city. Why not to make an offer slightly more expensive for you? Justify this, for example, with the fact that there are only two places for this flight?

You bought a brand new MacBook and choosing a hotel with it? Congratulations on your purchase and believe me: in this regard you completely pull a slightly higher price for the selected room. Your personal preferences, the high cost of the device from which you access to the Internet, and even the prestige of the area, which provides geolocation guts – all can affect the “personal offer” that service will make to you.If not willing to pay this kind of “tax on loyalty,” you can make at least a few things: clean beforehand the cookie, go to the site in the “incognito” mode (Ctrl + Shift + N, if you’re in Google Chrome) or just select the first, then, what you need, but make reservations with another computer. This will save on more than 3 percent of the amount of each purchase.

Source: “Tax on loyalty” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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