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Secrets of bachelors

Women complain of the lack of free men. It turns out that there are still bachelors on this Earth. But for some reasons they don’t want to enter into a serious relationship.

They dream to meet a soul mate? Undoubtedly.

Feel lonely? It happens sometimes.

They look like a handsome prince, about which girls dream? Not always.

And how many of them are bachelors? It cannot be said with accuracy – they are easy to disappear from the statistical reports: any of them could fall tomorrow, and even start a family.They like the feeling of freedom. Our heroes, like thousands of other men had relations for one night, and long-term relationships. However, none of women had delighted their hearts. Men live in anticipation of “true love” – though not all are willing to admit it.It is generally believed that only female dreams of a fairy partner. In fact it is not.

Growing up, the boys secretly dream about the ideal woman. It is a great dream and aim for man, even if he does not realize it. For her sake, he is ready to fight on knightly tournaments and perform feats; she inspires him and gives meaning to his life. But education and stereotypes do not allow everyone to talk about it openly. Often, even the men themselves cannot admit that in them is strong craving for a romantic ideal. They unconsciously use different forms of psychological defense, including quite cynical, such as jokes about blondes. In a sense, the blonde – the same princess girl with long golden hair, totally unadapt to life on Earth…

Source: “Secrets of bachelors” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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