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Right for sleep

The Constitution does not say a word about our right for sleep. Nevertheless, you intuitively feel that you have such a right. All people have different need of sleep – for some four hours is enough, and for someone ten is barely enough. So experiment with the regime. If you find that you normally feel after five or six hours of sleep, do not force yourself and not driven into the bed ahead of time: no insomnia you have. If you know that you necessarily need to sleep well today, there is a risk that you do not fall asleep. In this situation the body’s stress hormones produced to preventing sleep. Lime these hormones with help of a cold shower before bed (warm, on the contrary, can cause insomnia). Most harmless are sleeping pills: after half or two months of regular use they cause addictive effect. Therefore, pills should be replaced with soothing decoction of herbs – mint or oregano.

Source: “Right for sleep” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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