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Reduce the value of own praise

Dear friends, we are continuing our small trip to NLP world with Carlson as our guide.

– Delicious meatballs! – Said Carlson.

– An exceptionally tasty meatballs! You would think that they did by the best in the world meatballs specialist… But of course you know that it is not truth, – he added.

Another dirty method: if you need to underestimate human self-esteem quickly (for example, during a public debate), you won’t find better trick than a decrease. Introducing thesis to human consciousness, you immediately refuse it: “This is weighty remark. It is doubly strange to hear it from an idiot. ” The decline will be so spectacular than pleasant was praise. But do not get carried away! “You look excellent today! I do not even recognize you, so much fat “- things tend to accumulate and hurt more than the question: ” Have you gained few extra kilo?”

Source: “Reduce the value of own praise” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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