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From time to time we all resort to projections. It helps us to overcome the barrier between themselves and others: we imagine, interpret, guessing. At the beginning of relationship projections play a positive role. We attribute his handpicked features that underpin our first impression. Thanks to them recently stranger seems familiar and even relatives. This idealization phase, when your partner seems to consist of some merit. The problem is that this state does not last forever. Sooner or later we start to look at person alongside more sober. And when the image created by our projections, at odds with reality, we often experience disappointment.

If the positive projection bind us together and make convergence easier and more comfortable, the negative, on the contrary, complicates relations. The negative projections stem from a mismatch between the partner’s behavior that we’ve created in your head, and his actual behavior. Situations in which the projections operate happen constantly. He came home from work late and didn’t warned, he heartedly praised the new dress – and that’s in our head like lightning suspect: cheating, out of love. These thoughts begin to control our behavior – for example, make us behave cold or begin to find fault with the partner for any reason. And he could never understand what was going on, and begin to build his own conclusions based on his own projections already.

And what do you think about projections, dear friends?

Source: “Projections” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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