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Productivity and mood

Each of us had good and bad days. Sometimes we live with the feeling that “wake up with the wrong foot”, the whole world seems gray and dull. Of course, in those days, it may be difficult to focus on work. But how much mood swings affect our performance? In those days, when we have a bad mood, work or study seems more difficult than usual. However, science still does not know exactly how the mood really affect our performance. To learn more about this relationship, von Stumm has conducted a study, which was attended by 98 people, mostly students (24 men and 74 women, average age – 24 years). Participants were required within 5 days (Monday to Friday) on a daily basis to pass a set of tests, checks their short-term memory, working memory, speed of information processing. They also had to assess their mood and emotional state on a scale of PANAS (for this they needed to indicate how intensively on a scale they experience each of the 10 positive and 10 negative emotions) daily.

The results showed that both mental performance and mood subjects were significantly vary on different days. However, a clear link between these changes are not found – depressed mood was not directly related to the low capacity for work. However, those participants who had the good mood for all five days, showed better results in tests than others on average. Von Stumm suggests that the tendency to stability and good mood and high mental capacity may have a common genetic origin, and depressed mood begins to affect productivity only in more severe cases.So wish you a good mood and productivity!

Source: “Productivity and mood” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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