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Paper Test

As you know, all the people are divided into two types – those who hang toilet paper with edge on the top and those who prefer that its edge is below. And this is nothing, if the toilet is used by one single person – the problems start when in the same space need co-exist two people with diametrically opposed views on the art of using toilet paper. How many marriages have been destroyed, how many families broken up because of the constant habit of partner to outweigh the paper as he likes! And then, finally, the scientists decided to bring this ideological conflict under a scientific basis.



The “test to determine personality by handling toilet paper” was attended by exactly 2,000 people. Test initiated by the psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Gilda Graham. She set a goal of research – understand whether the habit of hanging the toilet paper affects on the couple’s relationship. It turned out, even the effect! Those who prefer the position of toilet paper “top edge” tend to dominate in the relationship, and vice versa.

P.S. Since I started talking. Officially, the correct way to hang the paper is considered to be a way “the edge on the top.” At least it is indicated in the patent for toilet paper in 1891.

Source: “Paper Test” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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