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Noise Maker Mouse

What, for who and why mice sing, and most importantly – why do we need to know about it? American scientists have found that mice can sing. However, they do it very quietly, as befits mice.

Publicist Bruce Cameron on his personal blog wonders why we know this (and how scientists have learned about this, if mice lyrics inaudible)? Many people do not know how to sing; if you doubt this, look in Youtube at least one series of American Idol.

Scientists have debated for years about the musical abilities of some animals – dogs, horses and cows. All of them can emit different sounds, but actually do not sing because it makes it extremely melodious, such as Michael Bolton. Now scientists from the University of Washington have added to the list of singing animals another kind: the mouse. They found that the mouse-boy, noticing the mouse-girl, begins to sing romantic songs. A mouse-girl expresses her sympathy – languidly leans on the piano and give a dollar for tea. No, of course, it is really only the scientists found that mice males sing to female mice love songs; everything else – the assumption of Cameron. And yet scientists have sadly noted that the human ear can’t heard mice songs.

First scientist: Look! This mouse sings!

The second scientist: I do not hear anything.

First scientist: It’s because it sings softly! We will receive big grant for studying it.

The second scientist: Are you sure that they will pay for it?

First scientist: Are you kidding? Physicists get millions to study quarks, which no one sees! Imagine how much we’ll get for what no one can hear!

Source: “Noise Maker Mouse” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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