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Need to ‘find yourself’

Why the need to “find yourself” today has become so urgent?

This, in my opinion, nothing more than one of the symptoms of the modern troubles.

Many years ago, Sigmund Freud explained in his book “Civilization and its Discontents” that people experience trouble because of the victims, which civilization requires them to do. So, if today we feel that we need to find ourselves, this is due to the fact that we feel lost. Two centuries ago, no one would ask such questions. People are not looking for themselves, they did not need it: the place of each person was given to him at birth and for all life. The origin, such as social and family, has established certain obligations, restrictions, more or less opportunities defined by kinship. European aristocratic family needed a male heir to the estate. From the second son it was expected that he would devote himself to religious service, and so on. In the past century, you also did not need to “find yourself” in professional terms: your existence is completely determined by the thing that you were doing. You came to work at age 18 and spent there all yout life, gradually climbing up the career stairs, and then quietly retire.

The traditional way was bringing comfort, but kept in an infantile position – even Freud said about the “bondage”. Can modern man survive without this support? Now people do not have benchmarks, which gave definite and allotted to them the place in the society, so our mission on Earth is complicated.

Source: “Need to ‘find yourself'” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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