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Men and Sport


Your husband do not miss any match of hisr favorite team? He sacrifices sleep, socializing with you or even work for the sake of a hobby?

Perhaps if your husband loved sports not only on TV, you would be able to humble with it.
But no, he was not able to be wrung out on the floor even three times, grew a beer belly, but he adheres to the TV during a game broadcast.

This one-sided approach to the sport Infuriates you, and this is understandable.

However, as understandable the strange, at first glance, behavior of your husband!
But you enjoy watching the drama of love, soap-operas is not it? If the film is good, you are scrolling in mind very sharp scenes and “live” the history of the characters. The same thing happens with your husband: passions, emotions, dramatic moments – all this stimulates the release of adrenaline into the blood. If before a man could have scored a mammoth and this thrills, and now sport at the monitor – absolutely safe substitute for hunting mammoth.

All people like to watch the outstanding personalities: actors, writers, and – yes! – Athletes. Watching how cleverly Boxing Star sends his opponent in a knockout, your husband unconsciously identifies with him – so strong, brave and famous. LOL 🙂

Well, but what you should do with his watching sport addiction?

– Keep talking to him. Even if you don’t care who won another cup, show that you share husband’s passion for sport. Instead of saying: “How do I tired of your football,” ask: “How we played last night?” Nobody pushes you to listen attentively, but a couple of times swing the head in agreement with your husband. He will like the fact that you do not give a damn about his interests.

– Take care of yourself. While your husband with a passion worthy of a better, watching sport battles, not retrieve your lost, that you are bored and have nothing to do. Find something to do, just as exciting for you as a football – for your husband.

– Use as a model. Husband delighted with the game of Ronaldo? Admire him by mentioning that he is smart, have sporty figure. Perhaps your husband will think and start doing exercises. And if you tell your spouse that he has the same charming smile, like Ronaldo, he would be melted!

Source: “Men and Sport. Part 2” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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