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Mandala in our life

Mandala ( from sanskrit – “circle”) – a tool of the Buddhist school for spiritual meditation, but such symbolic spherical images can be found in almost all spiritual practices and in all corners of the earth, whether it be, for example, the North American shamanism, Hinduism or Christianity with its stained-glass sockets at the walls of gothic cathedrals.

Practice of mandala’s creating and contemplation help us to learn how to focus and direct attention. The psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung interpreted the mandala as a visible projection of our mental, its expression. He studied mandala with keen interest, and he drew them.

By the way, he noticed that in difficult periods our unconscious often motivates us to draw something like a mandala or see such figures in a dream – including in the form of a labyrinth. In addition, he believed, mandala helps us better understand what we are concerned at the emotional level. The strength of the mandala – in its protective abilities: its terms, as a “dream catchers” of the American Indians, to protect the spirit of the scattering. Numerous geometric shapes that it contains, are aspects of personality, structured more or less symmetrical. It is necessary to find resonance between them and reconcile them with each other – and you will see the path to the center of your own personality.

Creating a mandala, according to therapists, resulting in a meditative state, makes us particularly susceptible to the messages of our inner world.

Source: “Mandala in our life” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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