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Love and responsibility

We remember about responsibility, when we do not remember about love. When we remember the love, responsibility appears and manifests itself. So we are reminded of the air when it is absent, and when it is present, why we should remember?

Love involves responsibility. Let us recall the words of Saint-Exupery: “You are forever responsible for those who are tamed.” But if only the responsibility, but not love links people, or man and his work, or a man and his country, the situation is bad.It seems to us that the word “responsibility” exalts us.

We love to shout: I am responsible for this, I am responsible for that … We like to assign responsibility. Responsibility has always declared. Sometimes, honestly, sometimes – not. As for me, the silence and action in the relationship with the people always seem to be more significant and honest than any declaration.

Love – is freedom. Responsibility – it’s addiction. If, for example, in the family someone talk about responsibility a lot, so there’s little love and a little freedom …

I’m afraid of people screaming about responsibility. I love the people silent about love.

Source: “Love and responsibility” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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