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Life after Love

Life after love like life after death – many people believe in it, but it sounds like something senseless.

I heard a theory of adult women that “the only one man” really exists for us. Not each manages to find this man, many spend their lives with someone they love – one of several possible variants. But some still might meet with those who designed for them, and all too often we get tragic story at the end. And if you meet this man in your early youth, and you lose him, it is almost always the case with the first love, inexperience or circumstances lit, the front would be a great life, with everything but not happiness. More precisely, it will be – what other people are so called, but, remembering the taste of apples from an abandoned garden for you, it is nothing more than pleasure.

But this, again, the theory of one adult and sad woman and destiny may not be as strict and reimburse missed chances at least a couple of times. And how is it that life after love – in the first days, weeks, months, and then, all these years?

All first goes mourning – one psychologist has identified it as a time when a part of your soul that you gave to another person, is back, and you become the whole.

After an acute sorrow comes to all illusions, hopes all as a return: tell him to change himself, to put up with. You are starting to educate your psyche as lazy rabbit: can not hit it, but we have to somehow convince it to do the trick. The trick for you will become simple everyday things: get up, eat, smile. Get out of the house – well, look into the cafe, eat a donut. Plan something beautiful every day, that there was a reason for a walk: today it is possible to look at the ducks on the road tomorrow to go to work for socks in rosettes. For products from the supermarket have to buy flowers and some berries.

When accustomed and resigned to live, it would be better to find some thing that excites you. For someone it will be art, for other a business, charity, etc. Something that takes a lot of time, energy, and instead gives meaning to existence. For this, you can while away the years, and the busy woman is much more appealing to men than the one that is desperately looking for “relations” or patiently sitting in ambush, simulating indifference.

If you play fair, once you realize that instead of losing yourself, built up an exciting new world where not so bad one or satellites, which do not break the heart, but very loved.

Lost love – not a problem, the problem – it is to decide that the meaning and beauty of your destiny gives suffering, and therefore cling to it, cultivate and irritate the wound.

Source: “Life after Love” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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