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Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is becoming more popular, which is not surprising – we are increasingly faced with the unpleasant consequences of the desire to make our diet “healthy”, usually alternating with nutritional breakdowns – brief feasts “forbidden food”, followed by punishment or guilt and self-loathing, and even steeper turn desire to eat properly.

Having begun to look for alternatives, many encounters the idea of intuitive eating, and this is great – it is a pity that in the information space of “intuitive eating” includes so many different things that have no relation to the intuitive eating.

Myth number 1: Intuitive Eating – is chaos and permissiveness. Intuitive Eating implies the ability to eat anything – including donuts, but relying on your own body signals of hunger and satiety, and not solving own emotional issues with food. Not having mastered these basic skills, it will be early to buy cakes.

Myth number 2: Intuitive Eating – it is a choice between buckwheat and oatmeal for breakfast.The opposite myth, especially popular among “amateur advisors” – people without special education, which cope with their weight loss and sell their services to others. This “intuitive eating” is no different from the usual diet and did not lead to solving the weight problems.

Myth number 3: Intuitive Eating – a “flexible control”, there can be anything, but limiting portion / caloric.Eat whatever you like. But carbohydrates – only till 12 o’clock. Eat anything you like. But not more than glass portion every two hours. What the intuitive eating really is?In fact, we all were born as intuitive eaters. Baby worried, wagging his head, searching for the chest and crying, until it receives the food. He (she) does it only when hungry. Fed baby stops eating and not starts until he is hungry.

Children, who saved this natural eating style, self-regulate the amount of energy coming into the body. In some weeks, they eat a lot, pleasing parents with good appetite, in some – eat less, taking very little food. Grown children, like babies, are able to regulate entry into their organisms relevant substances, based on the internal signals of hunger and satiety. You just need to give them that opportunity.

Source: “Intuitive Eating” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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