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How your disputes ends?

The way couples experiencing conflict affects their relationship. But, as with matters of life and money, there are no “right” / “wrong” categories. Many couples start quarreling already they start to live together. But even if you had some petty quarrels or big quarrels with slamming doors, now everything will be different. You should change the manner of strife. At least you will have nowhere else to go, slamming the door. Especially if the apartment is small. There is a chance that will change not only the style, but also a cause for dispute. For example, if for your partner’s chronic lateness earlier you turned a blind eye, but now it can start to irritate you more. Life together, among other things, requires good management skills. And there will always be topics that pop up in the debate permanently, something that provokes us to quarrel.

Only couples who quietly accept this fact and are willing to approach to solving this challenge creatively, have a chance to survive.

Source: “How your disputes ends?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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