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How to understand that we are doing the right choice?


1. Assess whether all you like. This may be difficult. To simplify the task, I recommend to divide the relationship into several categories: finances, emotional component, communication and so on. Then evaluate how you are happy with each of the categories. If you are satisfied with everything – congratulations! If not – think, perhaps, over time you will find a way to accept the situation or change it.

2. Ask yourself, how good was your last relationshipIf the last time there was something, so that you feel better than it is now, discuss it with your partner. Always talking about what you want and what do you expect. However, it is possible that you do not know exactly what you want. But in this case it is important to start a conversation. Nothing is more toxic than the comparison of past and present relationships.

3. Can you imagine that you will meet the better partner? Here, the same rule of thumb: if you feel that some point in your relationship does not meet expectations – talk about it with your partner. Do not be silent and keep discontent inside.

4. Think, maybe you need to work on yourselfIf you can not determine what you do not like in a relationship, but you are not satisfied, it is usually a sign that you do not understand what you want from them.

Agree, it is very difficult to get what you want, if you do not know what you want. Try to think about it and figure out how to look attractive to have a relationship and a good marriage. And what, in your opinion, is not enough to achieve this result.

Source: “How to understand that we are doing the right choice?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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