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A man sworn to use power of NLP only for good goals, try to use the so-called universal quantifier in the speech – words such as “always”, “never”, “all”, “nothing” rarely. It is believed that there is no easier way to disarm the human psyche than to crush it just such a quantifier.

Alas, those who stand up to the dark side of NLP, knows this, and therefore poses on the basis of universal quantifier’s metaframe – terrible reception, which would be better never to come to our world! Its essence is simple: picking upon some little things, you attacked the man with discouraging generalization.

So often make girls: “You are not close the cap on the toothpaste! You always do! You do not love me! “The flow of quantifiers increases, the frame becomes more methane, and to deal with it is impossible. The most natural reaction to metaframe becomes ordained action. Wanting as soon as possible to destroy the terrible “always”, you are quick to close the cap, saying that it now here I closed, mean about “always” you bent. What is required from you! With metaframe possible not only to induce a person to act, but also to deal with the claims: – You’re late for ten minutes! This is lack of respect! – Did any delay always speak of contempt? What is the object? Not any. Not always.

Source: “Generalize” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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